The Government ICT Schemes are panels of prequalified suppliers who can provide a range of ICT solutions to Local, State & Federal Government agencies and other authorised buyers.

The ICT Schemes provide a comprehensive approach to identifying, sourcing and procuring ICT goods and services and are designed to ensure that government agencies utilise the best new, innovative and effective technologies. 

We have considerable experience working with government departments and agencies – at State, Federal and Local levels - and we are appointed on the following schemes:

  • SCM0020 - ICT Services Scheme;
  • SCM0007 - Contingent Workforce;
  • GITC QLD - Government Information Technology Contracting, Deed of Agreement with State of QLD GITC# Q-5741;
  • GITC TAS - Government Information Technology Contracting, Head of Agreement with State of TAS GITC# T-700.

If you’re from a Government Department or Agency and you’re interested in finding out how we can help you, please get in touch with our specialist Government Sales Team or call 02 9199 0888.



In order for us to provide the best possible experience for our customers we ensure we maintain the most appropriate levels of Industry and Vendors Certifications. This ensures our people are training and understand the technology we use but also provides us with the best possible connections into the vendors if/when we do need to lean on them for their support.

Information Security certifications



As we increase our Cyber Security offering, we are committed to implementing the best practices for our internet systems.

AC3 is pleased to announce that we are now a CIS SecureSuite member. Through this membership we will continue to build our cyber security practice and defences by leveraging CIS SecureSuite resources. These include CIS Benchmarks which are consensus-based, internationally recognised security configuration resources, including CIS-CAT Pro and CIS Controls – a set of cyber practices. These have been developed by experts around the world with the core goal of preventing and halting today’s most prevalent and dangerous cyber attacks.