Digital disruption is not a dirty word

Posted: 20 December 2017
Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is happening right now, all around you! Data is expanding rapidly and many businesses may find it a struggle to keep up. While it sounds a little scary, there are actually a multitude of benefits to digital disruption that can help catapult your business into the future, if you know how to ride the wave.

What is digital disruption?

Contrary to what the name suggests, digital disruption is not necessarily a negative thing, depending on how you approach it. The term refers to a transformation caused by emerging digital technologies that impact the value of existing products and services offered by an organisation. Put simply, new technology ‘disrupts’ the current market, causing businesses to re-evaluate how they do things every day.

Today, digital disruption is bigger than ever. With rapid advances in computing power, connectivity, mobility and data storage capacity over the last few decades, there are many opportunities for higher productivity and growth but disruption can also pose different risks for various industries and change can be challenging. The digitisation of almost every aspect of our world is leading to fast and dramatic change, and businesses need to leverage the technology available to them, or get left behind. They must transform to survive and flourish.

How you can use digital disruption to transform

Disruption can in fact be a very powerful thing. Through digital transformation, a business can reap the rewards of technology and maximise growth. What this practically means is that a business must evaluate their situation, how digital disruption is affecting it and realise the vision to drive change for the better. Those resistant to change will be left behind but by embracing it through the use of technology and data to make smarter decisions, companies can see improved business outcomes.

For many Australian organisations, there has been a transition from large quantities of data stored but not used, considered a passive strategy, to creating value and profit by using this data to make informed decisions and target the next trend. Where it was once paper to computer, it is now computers to AI and the key is having the right team to guide you.

At AC3, we know what it is like to transform in the age of disruption because we’re doing it too! The data available to companies is expanding rapidly and many can’t keep up, but we can help manage this data so it can be used appropriately.

We would love to help you

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