Government Private Network

A cloud service just for government

AC3’s Government Private Network (GPN) was developed to provide a seamless and inexpensive way for government agencies to communicate with each other. The GPN is implemented on tried and tested infrastructure and uses an existing gateway that has been operational for several years and serves many of NSW largest agencies and departments.

The GPN provides some very handy services. It can be a replacement service for all existing VPNs that used the former Government Broadband Network. It is a reliable service for any agency wanting to integrate their own wide area networks and it provides the capability for agencies to securely share common telecommunications links such as those provided to multi-tenanted government offices.

NSW Government ICT Service Scheme

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, in consultation with industry and NSW Government agencies, has developed the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020). AC3 is a registered supplier within the ICT Services Scheme and all NSW government agencies can use this mechanism to purchase from AC3.

SCM0020 – Faster, easier procurement

SCM0020 is a prequalification scheme that provides a range of specific benefits for government customers including access to panels of a wider range of expert resources that can assist with the development of business cases and project quality assurance reports. This streamlines a competitive tendering process by giving you access to a list of prequalified suppliers who have a demonstrated track record and enhanced probity standards through third-party assessment.

AC3 and Contract 2050 – Just call us direct

Eligible buyers are able to engage directly with AC3 under the terms of Contract 2050.

Contract 2050 provides a number of very useful benefits including faster procurement of services directly from AC3, without the expense and time of a tender process. There are no limits to the value of services, no restriction to the scope of ICT services and it gives you full compliance with the NSW Government procurement process.

Gov DC

Move into the GovDC with AC3

AC3 is an anchor tenant in the GovDC. We have been involved with NSW government computing since 1998 and our experience gives us a great understanding of the GovDC environment and what it can offer your government agency.

AC3 has set up many services in GovDC including compute, storage, networking and data management. Our capabilities have grown with the facilities and we now also provide additional services including engineering, project management and systems integration.

AC3 totally understands the challenges of moving into the GovDC.  AC3 worked with the NSW Department of Justice to move to an ‘everything-as-a-service’ model as part of their migration to the new GovDC.

Since those early days, we have worked with many other government agencies who have taken advantage of AC3’s experience to utilise the GovDC’s world class facilities where all security, data sovereignty and technical standards are managed for you.

Deadline: August 2017

As you know, by August 2017, all NSW Government agencies are required to move or migrate their ICT into a GovDC facility. AC3 can help you understand the economies of scale and significant energy cost savings available and plan a successful migration.