Compute as a Service (CaaS)

AC3’s Compute environment features a range of hosted virtualisation services that give you the best of both worlds – all the benefits of in-house IT, with the low cost and flexibility of cloud technologies.

The FlexiServer virtual hosting service from AC3 provides the hardware and enterprise grade system software platform for your business. The infrastructure that you use is part of a much larger environment which is highly robust and protected with a high level of security. 

Choose from a range of Dedicated Virtual Resources for high performance workloads or Standby Virtual Instances which are Disaster Recovery-ready to your own Pool of Resources to suit the most demanding environments.

They all have in common:
  • The latest generation processors
  • An entire range of supported Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Windows Server Operating System license
  • Antivirus (option for Resource Pools)
  • System Monitoring
  • Access to AC3’s Service Desk
  • Backed by our 99.95% SLA
Service Offering
  • Dedicated Virtual Instances
    • Titanium FlexiServer
    • Platinum FlexiServer
    • Gold FlexiServer
    • Silver FlexiServer
    • Bronze FlexiServer
  • Standby Virtual Instances
    • Titanium DR FlexiServer
    • Platinum DR FlexiServer
    • Gold DR FlexiServer
    • Silver DR FlexiServer
    • Bronze DR FlexiServer
  • Resource Pools
    • Gold Resource Pool
    • Silver Resource Pool
    • Bronze Resource Pool

Metal as a Service (MaaS)

AC3’s Metal as a Service is the ideal choice for compute intensive applications, like databases and grid computing. These servers can be used for Bare Metal workloads or can work in conjunction with a layer of server virtualisation to create a virtual private cloud when security, performance or licensing restrictions are paramount.

Even better, the Metal as a Service servers are fully integrated into our platform, and deployed alongside virtual workloads, allowing you to create the ultimate hybrid environment.

All servers are inclusive of:
  • Rack and power consumption
  • Network and storage connectivity
Service Offering
  • General purpose, high density server
  • Database friendly, low core count, high frequency server.
  • Local SSD caching for Virtual Desktop applications
  • GPU cards for complex video rendering scenarios

Storage as a Service (STaaS)

AC3’s virtual servers are deployed with storage based on a highly available Storage Area Network (SAN). Whether your application needs higher disk I/O, resiliency or long-term flexibility, you can match your virtual server’s storage to its application.

Service Offering
  • Premium Storage
    • The highest level of redundancy with no single point of failure within the physical storage array and associated connectivity.
    • Backed by SSD drives, to meet the most demanding application requirements.
  • Enterprise Storage
    • A high level of redundancy, with multiple disk groups. 
    • Backed by SAS drives, to support all general purpose workloads.
  • Capacity Storage
    • When looking for long term data retention or when simple capacity is required with a minimal budget.
    • Backed by NL drives, for reasonable performance and redundancy.
  • Ability to move workloads from one tier to the other on the fly.

Network as a Service (NaaS)

Businesses today demand a high-performance network that provides fast, secure and reliable delivery of applications to drive key business processes.  

We don’t cut corners. Within the data centre, all your compute resources are interconnected to a carrier grade fabric using redundant networking to give you uncontended throughput and millisecond latency.

We also offer high-performance external network connectivity that is robust and efficient, which is critical in delivering your business service to customers and external third parties. 

Service Offering
  • Firewall as a Service
  • Load Balancing - Local Traffic Management
  • Load Balancing - Global Traffic Management
  • SSL Remote Access VPN
  • Site to Site IPsec VPN
  • Internet Service - Single
  • Internet Service - Redundant
  • MLPS and Dark Fibre Connectivity
  • AWS Connectivity
  • Azure Connectivity

Data Management as a Service 

Our Data Management service takes the headache out of managing data retention and recovery for our customers by using approaches that are fast and effective.

We offer an integrated backup and recovery solution that can support both public and private cloud, and can also extend to support colocated server infrastructure.

Service Offering
  • Daily Backup with 30 or 90 days retention
    • local copy only
    • local and remote copies
  • Monthly Backup with 1 or 7 years retention
    • local copy only
    • local and remote copies
  • Backup for Remote Sites