Service Management

Service Management is at the core of any solution that AC3 puts forward and it is what we believe differentiates us from our competition. Service management is the component that ties the technical services to business objectives. AC3’s Service Management capabilities provide a comprehensive end to end solution with an overarching governance framework that ensures the solution will meet your business objectives now and into the future.

AC3’s Service Management encapsulates:
  • Key Support Functions such as a central Service Desk, Service Delivery, Change and Configuration Management, and Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Formalised Processes backed by contracted Service Levels such as Incident Management, Request Fulfilment, Problem Management, Change Management, and Major Incident Management
  • Systems, Tools and Records such as ITSM system, process mapping system, monthly Reports, knowledge management tools, and Customer Satisfaction surveys 
  • Mature Customer Engagement Model that includes a structured meeting schedule, Service Owners regular engagement, escalation process, as well as Governance Meetings and Executive Dashboards for the executive representatives of both AC3 and the Customer
  • Continual Service Improvement that leverages the Customer engagement, Customer feedback, and tightly integrates with other lines of business such as product management and managed services, to deliver improvements to the overall Customer experience.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance covering ongoing management and maintenance of the AC3 ISO27001:2013 Information Security certification, organisation-wide application of Risk Management best practises, Business Continuity Planning, Contract Management for vendors and Customers, as well as alignment to legislative and Customer-specific policies.

Application management

Do you have an application you would like us to manage? It could be something simple, mainstream or specific and proprietary.

We have developed service offerings for a number of mainstream applications so that you can leave the headache to us. You would use us when you don’t have the in-house expertise or would like to ensure you obtain guaranteed service levels for the management of the application or business service. You might also have a proprietary application and prefer to leave the management of this with us, minimising the risk of having only a few key individuals understanding how the product works.

We also see this service as a key step toward Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

By combing some of our other services like Hardware and Server Management with Application Management we can offer you a PaaS. 

Server Management

Managing an Operating System is now easier than ever. We are able to manage all the major operating system platforms and versions used in the mainstream, e.g. Windows and Linux. We have developed a standardised approach that helps to bring the costs down without sacrificing the service.

What’s more, we can manage guest operating systems that are on-premise, in the AC3 Cloud or even those workloads hosted with mainstream public clouds like AWS and Azure. Our standardised service management makes sure you receive a consistent approach across your entire enterprise. This is one of the building blocks for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Hardware Management

If you’re super sensitive to security or just want someone to manage the lowest common building block in your environment, we can do it!

When managing hardware, we ensure the equipment is always working at its optimal levels so that it is functioning as intended. We monitor manufacturer/vendor release notes to confirm the equipment is running supported firmware versions and can do this on-premise or in a Hybrid environment.

You might also want to use this service when you need the highest level of assurances that the equipment is both logically and physically segregated.

Network & Security Management

If you’re looking for a safe pair of hands, you’ve found them!

The cornerstone of a stable ICT environment is the network and security platform. Our team of propeller heads love what they do and the results speaks for themselves. We manage our own public and private cloud environments which hosts all our customers and also extend these services to your platforms, either on-premise or with other providers.

Facilities Management

Having run our own data centres for approximately 15 years, we know what’s needed when it comes to facilities management. Whether its power, cooling, remote hands or capacity planning and asset management, we can help.

We have a dedicated team that can assist with whatever plans you have. More often these days we are engaged to assist in migrating away from an on-premise data centre to a purpose built facility and provide our customers with the best approach.


Cyber Security

Protecting your organisation from cyber-attacks is a continual challenge, especially with the ever evolving threat landscape.  Security as a Service can deliver the most up to date threat protection and free up your internal IT resources to focus on strategic projects.

AC3’s Cyber security offerings include:

  • End Point protection and monitoring with constant virus definition updates
  • Security and shadow IT analytics
  • Ethical penetration testing
  • Customised security solutions for Government

Chat with us about how to achieve strong protection for your organisation without impacting day to day operations.  

Backup Management

Backing up your organisation's data and systems is vital. Our experienced team can deliver the most efficient and cost effective Backup solutions to meet your operational and regulatory requirements.  Backups are tailored to your specific frequency and retention needs and your location and media requirements.

Our Backup as a Service offerings include:

  • Daily backup with local copy or local and remote copies
  • Monthly backup with local copy or local and remote copies
  • Backup for remote locations
  • Customised backup solutions for Government Agencies

With our experience in delivering Backup as a Service to both Government and Private sector clients, call us for a chat and find out how we can help you.

Workspace as a Service

As working patterns and locations becomes more flexible, ensuring that staff are productive wherever they are is a growing challenge for IT teams.  Workspace as a Service can provide secure access to applications and data for a workforce on the go.  With an internet connection and basic hardware requirements you can empower staff 

AC3 can deliver:

  • Full VDI or Published Desktop
  • License Management
  • User self service
  • Compliant environments for Government regulations

Give workers flexibility while minimising additional overheads.  Chat with us to find out more.  

Platform as a Service

Cloud infrastructure requires ongoing management and maintenance.  Whether spinning up new environments for testing and deployment, or enabling on demand applications from a specified cloud environment, AC3's Platform as a Service helps you realise the benefits of cloud infrastructure without being an additional burden on your internal IT teams.

Every organisation is unique, that's why take the time to get to know our customers and what they want to achieve.  Get in touch with us to chat about your platform requirements.